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Professional wildlife photographer

Founder of RAW Photographic

Carries over two decades worth of experience in travelling to Southern Africa

Lived in South Africa for four years, teaching wildlife photography and conservation to international students, volunteers, interns and field guides

Sam has been a professional photographer for over a decade, starting off locally in England with wedding photography. His lifelong love for Africa eventually had him move out and taking on the role of teaching and managing photography projects in the Greater Kruger region of South Africa. He's seen his images and writing published in National Geographic, Africa Geographic, BBC Wildlife Magazine, Travel Africa and more.


Sam's core belief is that great photography is not hard to come by, but meaningful photography is, and his aim is to teach photographers the potential importance and impact their images can have in aiding and assisting the health and growth of our natural biosphere. Aside from workshops and seminars in the UK, Sam also leads multiple photographic safaris in South Africa a year.








See below for a gallery of some of his best works. Click each thumbnail to enlarge.

F U N   F A C T S

Despite being British, Sam was actually born in Hanover, Germany.

Worked briefly in a camera shop, learning photography through the need to sell the products.


His favourite animal is the African Wild Dog, followed closely by the Leopard.

His first foray into professional photography was in photographing weddings and events, which he quickly retired from as soon as possible!

Is trained in handling dangerous snakes.

Has seen his work published in National Geographic, Travel Africa, Nature TTL, BBC Wildlife Magazine and Africa Geographic.

Has a love for gin and tonic - but, who doesn't?


I had an amazing experience with Sam not just once, but twice! He's an amazing teacher and helped improve my photography skills, while also he was a great mate to spend a few weeks with in the heart of South Africa - and I would definitely do it again!


Sam's knowledge of photography and wildlife, and of course wildlife photography is excellent. He has an infectious enthusiasm which he passes on with warmth and good humour to everybody around him. He creates a fantastic learning environment for his project students and also those who have the pleasure of working alongside him.


As a Guide, working with Sam over the last few years has been a joy and privilege. I have witnessed a rare combination of incredible personal photography with the ability to teach it to others, whilst still retaining patience, enthusiasm and a sense of humour throughout. 

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