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Specialising in wildlife photography with years of experience having lived in South Africa teaching photography to international volunteers and interns.

Published in BBC Wildlife Magazine, Africa Geographic and Klaserie Chronicle.


Runs workshops in the UK and photo safaris in South Africa.

Having first found her passion for photography whilst studying for a Masters in Fine Art, it was a trip to South Africa in 2014 that caused Sophie to fall in love with wildlife photography, finally turning it into a career in 2017.  Since then, she's been published in various publications including Africa Geographic, BBC Wildlife Magazine and Klaserie Chronicle. 


Sophie is captivated by the unique diversity that African wildlife has to offer and is passionate about using the art of photography to showcase this.  She believes that meaningful photography has the power to change the world. Therefore, she also believes it is important that her photography is used to glorify her subjects and aid conservation initiatives for them and their habitats.


Since 2018, she has been based in the Greater Kruger of South Africa, within a photography team teaching conservation wildlife photography, providing photographers of all abilities a platform to develop their skills and educate them on an ethical approach to photography that can support wildlife conservation.






















See below for a gallery of some of her best works. Click each thumbnail to enlarge.

F U N   F A C T S

Originally studied Fine Art but it was through a combination of her travels and a long gallery internship that she discovered her true passion lay with photography, in particular wildlife photography.


Previously worked as an art tutor for 16-18 year olds which sparked her love of teaching. 


In addition to photographing wildlife professionally, she has also photographed weddings and events professionally.

Her favourite animal is the Leopard although she could also spend hours watching Spotted Hyena cubs. 


Had a goal to visit 30 countries before she was 30 which she hit with a couple of years to spare…new goal, 40 countries before she is 40!


Will forever kick herself for not having a spare memory card when it was needed most - during a sighting of a giraffe giving birth. Not something she will ever forget again, but thankfully a teachable moment for others!

Even though English isn’t my first language, Sophie made me comfortable and secure enough to ask any question that crossed my mind. Not only does she have great patience and knowledge, she truly cares for what we capture and how we do it because we should always look out for the animal’s well-being.


Sophie is an extremely skilled and passionate wildlife photographer which shows in her work as well as in the spirit she shares in workshops and out in the field! Her technical knowledge is vast and combined with her creative eye she creates beautiful and touching photographs.



As a guide having Sophie on truck has been an amazing privilege and experience. Her photography knowledge and expertise has not only advanced the skills of the guests she is teaching but also of my own skills in guiding photographers and personal photography!

Couldn’t recommend her more!

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