I had an amazing experience with Sam not just once, but twice! He's an amazing teacher and helped improve my photography skills, while also he was a great mate to spend a few weeks with in the heart of South Africa - and I would definitely do it again!


Sam's knowledge of photography and wildlife, and of course wildlife photography is excellent. He has an infectious enthusiasm which he passes on with warmth and good humour to everybody around him. He creates a fantastic learning environment for his project students and also those who have the pleasure of working alongside him.


[Sophie] showed me not only the best photographic tips and tricks but also taught me something about wildlife and conservation.  We’ve had some fantastic game drives together where she helped me getting great shots and afterwards making the most out of Lightroom.  I am so thankful for all the things she showed me and that she made my experience unforgettable!


As a guide having Sophie on truck has been an amazing privilege and experience. Her photography knowledge and expertise has not only advanced the skills of the guests she is teaching but also of my own skills in guiding photographers and personal photography!

Couldn’t recommend her more!


As a Guide, working with Sam over the last few years has been a joy and privilege. I have witnessed a rare combination of incredible personal photography with the ability to teach it to others, whilst still retaining patience, enthusiasm and a sense of humour throughout. 


Even though English isn’t my first language, Sophie made me comfortable and secure enough to ask any question that crossed my mind. Not only does she have great patience and knowledge, she truly cares for what we capture and how we do it because before a great photo we should always look out for the animal’s well-being.


Not only is Sam a fantastic wildlife photographer, he is a fantastic teacher! Even though I had been doing photography for years prior to having him teach me, I still learned new things. In a single class people of all skill levels were able to improve.

Very highly recommend!


Sophie is an extremely skilled and passionate wildlife photographer which shows in her work as well as in the spirit she shares in workshops and out in the field! Her technical knowledge is vast and combined with her creative eye she creates beautiful and touching photographs.

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