All trips are hosted by a professional photographer to help develop and enhance your photography

Our trips take place in premier parks and reserves for the best wildlife opportunities

All trips are eco-friendly  and pay respect to the lands, wildlife and cultures of the areas we're visiting

Trips are as fully inclusive as possible to ensure you don't have to worry about a thing

We keep groups as small as possible to maintain maximum comfort and attentive guidance


RAW Photographic was set up to provide incredible and authentic wildlife experiences and photographic tuition. Nothing beats the practicality of learning in-the-field, and this is where we truly shine! Every one of our trips is tailored to include the very best and bespoke photographic tuition, meaning you'll be learning just as many new skills and techniques as you will be expanding your photography portfolio.

Covering most of Southern and Eastern Africa, we have access to the most sought after game reserves and national parks, to the hidden gems that go by unnoticed. We offer incredible private and exclusive itineraries for small groups, hosted and organised by one of our professional photographers, and yet run at reasonable prices to make the wonders of wild of Africa available to more people.

For many people, the first trip to Africa can be confusing - there's so many places and different pros and cons to each, it's hard to know where to start looking. We make things simple and easy - we learn what it is that you want and go from there, using our extensive experiences and knowledge to make sure your trip is perfect for you.



Discover more about how RAW Photographic was founded and the personalities behind the brand.

Find out more about the passionate professionals who will be hosting your wild safari experiences!

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From South Africa's Greater Kruger region to the open savannah of Kenya's iconic Masai Mara...


See our current list of photographic safaris across southern and eastern Africa, scheduled for 2022 and 2023


What Our Guests Are Saying...

"Sam and Sophie taught me everything I know about wildlife photography and sparked a passion that I’ve rarely found in other areas of life. If you get the chance to get out in the field under their tutelage, I’d highly recommend it. The things you’ll learn are truly priceless."