There are few things more beautiful than that of an adventure in wild Africa. The sun setting across the savannah. Elephants drinking from a water hole. Lion cubs playing in the grass. These are the magical moments everyone should try to experience, and we're here to help you do that!


Capture world class photos with our photographic safaris in some of Africa's most highly sought after hotspots for wildlife. We cater to all needs and levels, so whether you're a professional or new to the game - you're in for a special treat!

Under the expert guidance of our Photographic Leads, you are guaranteed a truly special and unique experience. We will host you on your Wildlife Photographic Safaris and make sure we are there for you every step of the way to help with all your needs. For a more in-depth learning experience, we also offer workshops to teach the fundamentals of wildlife photography and elevate your technical and creative skills.

Our in depth knowledge, fun personalities and dedication to the craft of photography will leave you having had nothing short of a truly memorable (and memory card filling) experience!




One of the reasons we're so passionate about photography is because we love sharing and learning with others. As a photographer you  never stop learning, and this essentially helps bring us all together no matter what skill levels we're on or experience we have. We're committed to sharing as much as we can with you, not just through our trips but through our blogs, videos and social media too. We're active on facebook and instagram, so for daily posts and stories please follow us and join in on the discussions. We have set up a private Facebook group for people to confidently and safely share their pictures, stories and passions of nature, travel and photography with others. Simply request to join and get involved!



Sam and Sophie taught me everything I know about wildlife photography and sparked a passion that I’ve rarely found in other areas of life. If you get the chance to get out in the field under their tutelage, I’d highly recommend it. The things you’ll learn are truly priceless.


I had a wonderful time with Sam and Sophie during my stay in Africa. They helped me combine my passion for wildlife and photography. With their experience, they could give me individual tips to development my skills even more. Furthermore, their support did not end after my time in Africa.


Sam and Sophie taught me so much about photography and wildlife. Everything I know about how to photograph an animal that is running high speed or how I need to edit, I learned from them. Next to that, they are both amazing people!

Leopard5, SamuelCox Digital Download.jpg



Looking for something unique for your travel and photographic needs? 

Do you have a group that are looking for something specific?

We offer holistic and bespoke trips, tailored to your wants and needs including location, duration and budget.

Perfect for families, groups and clubs.

We work in many areas across Southern and Eastern Africa, all renowned for as premier hotspots for wildlife.

Fully customisable trips where we work with you every step of the way to provide a truly authentic and exceptional trip. 

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