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Image by Nils Nedel


Do I need to be a photographer for these trips?

Absolutely not. Our trips, although predominantly aimed for photographers, are open to anyone and everyone with an interest in wildlife and nature. Whether you want to learn more about photography, or have zero interest at all, is entirely up to you - but our trips work just as well for those without a camera, as they do for those that do.

We've catered to many guests who don't have an interest in photography, and they've always had nothing but the best experiences. Ultimately, it's all about the experience of being in the presence of wildlife and sharing those moments with like minded people, learning about what you're seeing and celebrating it - and that's absolutely open for everybody to enjoy.

What's the difference between a normal safari and your photo safaris?

In a nutshell - privacy and comfort. On traditional safaris, vehicles are often crammed so that every seat is filled and consequently there's less comfort and space to be enjoyed by everyone. The safaris are often conducted in a more 'check list' fashion where it's more about the quantity of sightings than the quality of those sightings and your overall experience. 

As for our photo safaris, we put a cap on our group sizes so that everyone has adequate space when on game drives - not just for themselves, but also for their bags and photography equipment they'll be bringing with. With fewer people on board, it also means the field guide can be more personalised and meet the needs and wants of individuals. Additionally, and most importantly, all of our photo safaris come with a RAW Photographic lead that will be hosting you at every moment and providing professional photographic guidance and tuition. So, essentially you're getting double the service, a lot more privacy and exclusivity, and of course the extra space and comfort that comes with that.

On top of that, our trips are are all scheduled itineraries starting and ending at airports. This means from the moment you land to the moment you're dropped off, everything is taken care of so that you don't need to worry about anything other than keeping your memory cards available and your batteries charged.

Your prices are all in GBP, are your trips only for UK guests?

Our trips are open to absolutely everyone across the world. Simply get in touch with us via e-mail and you'll receive exactly the same service as anyone else.

The reason our prices are listed in GBP is simply because, despite working in Africa, we are a UK based company. We try our utmost to discuss prices and costs in the currency of our guests when conversing with them, but we do require payments to be made in GBP - which is an easy conversion any bank can make when doing an international wire transfer.

How do I pick the right trip? How do I know what's right for me?

We’ll help you pick the perfect trip for you! We’re here to help you make an informed decision, and find a trip that matches your interests, photography level, and any other requirements. We offer personalised service and will be able to answer any of your questions at any time leading up to the trip itself! Just get in touch with us via the Contact Form or via E-Mail, and we’ll get back to you straight away.

What equipment do I need to bring?

Once you book a photo safari, we’ll give you an Information Pack which details more information on your trip, being on safari and more in general about the country you'll be visiting. Included in this pack is a packing list, advising what to bring from types of clothes to camera gear.


In general, we recommend a DSLR or Mirrorless camera with a range of lenses (most importantly, a zoom lens), and spare memory cards and batteries. A laptop with Adobe Lightroom installed and an external hard-drive is always recommended so you can keep on top of cataloging and editing photos, but this isn't a requirement if you'd rather travel lighter.

How big are the group sizes?

This depends on the specific trip, but we only work with small groups – the average being about 4 - 6 guests per photo safari. This ensures a lot of individual attention from both field guides and the RAW Photographic tour host. It means we can better cater for people with different skill levels and helps ensure a more relaxed and intimate dynamic that come with smaller group.

How intense are these trips? Will there be time to relax like a holiday?

This is different for each photography trip and their specific itineraries, but generally there's always plenty of time for relaxation amidst the game viewing and photo tuition. It's important you enjoy your time on safari - so we plan out the schedules with downtime integrated, but if you'd rather take another swim in the pool or spend more time in bed, then that's not a problem.

I'd like to spend more time in Africa, can you help me?

Absolutely, yes. We always advocate for longer stays in Africa to absorb as much as possible. A lot of our safaris are planned so that one leads into another, so if you're wanting to double your safari experience, there's generally another trip available to book onto. Otherwise if you're looking to spend your time in another way, then there's usually plenty of options and we can definitely help you in figuring out what would be the best option for you. A few days relaxing at the beach?  Exploring the many gems of Cape Town? Just let us know and we can give you invaluable information and advice on how to perfectly extend your African experience.

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