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About Timbavati

Buffalos, lions, giraffes, wildebeest, impalas, baboons, cheetahs, leopards, and the rare white lion – the list of wildlife in the Timbavati Game Reserve is mind-blowing and goes on and on. 


This private game reserve, adjacent to Kruger, has over 40 mammals roaming freely. Covering 75.000 hectares of bush, you will experience a more intimate and personal affair with wildlife than anywhere else. Being in a private game reserve, jeeps are allowed to go off-road – in contrast to Kruger Park where vehicles are restricted to paved roads – and get much closer to animals.


The bright white icing on the cake in Timbavati Game Reserve is the presence of the rare white lion. A crème-coloured coat, ice blue eyes; their beauty is captivating. Although born with a snow-white coat, white lions are not albinos; it is the result of a rare colour mutation. White lions are indigenous to the Timbavati Game Reserve and the earliest records of sighting them in this region date from 1938.


Due to an agreement of all parties in 1999, the fence was taken down. Now, no fences separate Timbavati’s 75.000 hectares from the Kruger Park, so herds are free to track along the ancient paths they roamed for ages. In the Timbavati Game Reserve, wildlife can be viewed up close, since vehicles are allowed to approach animals within six meters.


Beside the Big Five and dozens of other mammals, here is one exclusively for the birdwatchers among us.Get your cameras ready for the ‘Big Six’: Lappet faced Vulture, Martial Eagle; Saddle billed Stork, Kori Bustard, Ground Hornbill and Pel’s Fishing Owl. Africa’s most intriguing feather friends!

Image by Eva Darron



The safari starts in Hoedspruit where you will be met at arrivals area outside the small airport. The drive is appproximately 1.5 hours and upon arrival at the lodge you’ll be welcomed and have time to settle into the lodge before regrouping for lunch and our first afternoon safari. The game drive will see us exploring and being introduced to the game reserve, and after a quick drink stop, will take us into the early evening where we’ll lookfor active predators and nocturnal wildlife. We’ll get back to camp around 19:00 to enjoy drinks before dinner shared with quality conversation.


DAY 2 - 6


Game drives start early in Africa. We’ll head out around sunrise to take advantage of first light and the ensuing morning golden hour. Our focus will be on finding the best photographic subjects and wildlife experiences we can get; from looking for the large herds of elephants, occasional birding and of course, keeping on the lookout for predators. Having a private vehicle means the world is our oyster and we’ll decide as a groupwhat’s the best focus for each game drive. We’ll get back to camp in the mid to late morning for a delicious breakfast and some time to relax. This is also the perfect time to work with Sam on your photography and editing skills. Alternatively, the rooms are luxurious and cool, the pool is inviting, there’s a bar for drinksand don’t forget about lunch in the early afternoon - there’s certainly alot of food involved! Our second daily game drive will see us following up any sightings or information from previous drives - making sure that we stop at sunsets for the iconic sundowners experience. Dinner will follow as usual later in the evening upon return back to the lodge.



We’ll head out for our final game drive and have a short breakfast stop along the way before heading back to the lodge to pack up and check out. We aim to head out at about 9:30am so as to arrive back to.Hoedspruit airport in time to catch your departing flight, so it’s a good idea to pack the night before to save time and further enjoy your final hours at the lodge. After arriving back at the airport, we’ll say our goodbyes.

Image by Chad George

Dates And Availability

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